poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011

The art of visual merchandising

Today i've got for you LV shop. It's the best example of perfect visual merchandising.  
Boutique in New York, 5th Avenue was designed by Aoki Jun. (He designed i.a. LV in Hong Kong) 
The facade is covered with layers of laminated glass with checkered pattern of Louis Vuitton.  From outside, the building as a whole is slightly opaque, but scenes of the interior can be glimpsed in rectangles with blurred edges.  Amazing! 

                                                                  Aoki Jun, photo by:Dan Bibb

                                                                   Aoki Jun, photo by: Dan Bibb



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  1. Im also addicted to Louis Vuitton..What a color design, nice post
    I am also your follower:)




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